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FormsDeck is a bootstrapped product, built and operated by a small team.

FormsDeck is a product developed by a small team of four individuals at ORIGYN, each dedicated to its success. Our journey with FormsDeck started from a collective frustration in finding a simple yet effective drag-and-drop forms builder linked seamlessly with WhatsApp. We scouted various existing solutions, but none met our expectations. Resorting to traditional methods, we encountered hurdles in creating a form that smoothly integrated with WhatsApp for receiving responses. Identifying this unaddressed gap motivated us to build FormsDeck.

As a team, we’re involved in every facet of FormsDeck’s operation, encompassing coding, customer support, design, and strategy. Being a bootstrapped product allows us to remain closely connected with user feedback, shaping every feature and update based on genuine needs and continuous input from our community.

At FormsDeck, the strength lies in our collective effort. We collaborate to ensure that the tool we envisioned from the start is refined, user-friendly, and dependable. Our primary aim isn’t to become a tech giant; rather, it’s about being the ideal solution for effortlessly creating forms connected with WhatsApp, bridging the gap between professionalism and ease of use.

Our strategy for FormsDeck revolves around simplicity and user-centric design. As a tightly-knit team, we maintain the autonomy to concentrate solely on user requirements, free from external influences. Our objective is to provide a platform that enables the creation of forms seamlessly connected to WhatsApp, empowering users without requiring extensive technical expertise.

We deeply appreciate your support for an independent product like FormsDeck. Our team is committed to enhancing it continually, offering a robust solution that aids in crafting efficient forms for your brand.


Chameera Premasiri

~ Founder @ ORIGYN

FormsDeck Logo

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